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About Us is dedicated to provide an impartial informational resource to the public and the art community (both commercial and not-for-profit) with a link to scholarly research regarding all forms of art objects. Our focus is to provide the most updated and relevant access to scholars and experts in the art world who have published or are in the processes of writing and publishing a catalogue raisonné* for any particular artist(s).

Any individual, organization, or commercial art gallery that has concerns about a works authenticity, whether they are considering buying , selling, or may have just inherited a work of art, should find out if there is a recognized expert for the particular artist and make sure that the work in question has been seen and authenticated by that individual. will make this process easier for you to find that expert and know what you will need to have your work authenticated or confirm that it already has been authenticated.

*A catalogue raisonné is a comprehensive account of works by an artist(s). The subject matter covered by a catalogue raisonné is always defined with limits set by the author, often confining the publication to all the works of just one artist. However there are many variations, both broader and narrower than "all the works" or "one artist". The parameters could be restricted to one type of art work by one artist or it could be widened to all the works by a group of artists. The author(s) should detail each piece's (1) provenance, (2) size, (3) current condition and external sources in which the piece has been written up. Photographs and/or scans are a most important feature.